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What is braiding?

Braiding is a popular method used especially amongst afro-Caribbean clients. Braids hold your natural hair in place and protect it from daily exposure. Braids are popular with today’s diverse community, ideal for summer or holidays, keeping the natural hair in place.

Braids can last up to two to three months depending on hair textures; extension fibre can be added creating a variety of styles and colours. Such styles include cornrows, micro braids and twist braids.
The technique used can be time consuming, but a full head can be achieved within four hours depending on length and thickness.
The Process

The amount of time taken will depend on your chosen style, and whether you require a full or half head of braids, some clients will mix different braid techniques to create their desired look. Front cornrow back single braids. The micro braids could last up to four months, this braid technique takes around five hours.

For Afro hair types, after braiding you may apply you normal after care products, or recommended braid sheen.
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