Elite 9 Eyelash Extension

Elite 9 Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extensions with Elite 9 Bespoke Beauty
Extend and define your look with Elite9 Bespoke Beauty’s very own lash artist. Trained by the best in the business, Blink Lashy Liverpool. Our aim is to extend and define your eyes giving you that alluring captivating look even at 6am in the morning. What is it they say? “ I woke up like this”

As we are well aware with eyelashes there is no one size fits all this is why our lash techs have mastered the best techniques in the industry. Giving you that all important bespoke beauty look you desire. To ensure that your lashes are always looking there best infills are required every 2-3weeks.

Classic extension 

Classic lashes are where one eyelash extension is applied to your natural lash. Meaning that as your natural lash grows out the false lash will grow with it and therefore not get tangled or damage your natural lashes. This also means that they can be infilled after the false lash falls off without building lashes up on top of each other. This lash technique is for those who are wanting a subtle difference and who have a full natural lash line initially before treatment.

Russian Lashes 

Russian Volume lashes, as they are most commonly known, are the latest trend in the world of eyelash extensions and it’s not difficult to see why! With this technique we manage to make lashes look super glam and voluminous whilst still remaining natural and subtle. This look is achieved very similarly to individual lashes in the sense that the natural lash is first isolated, then where previously Technicians would apply one lash, now they apply a small fan of anything between 2 to 7 lashes. As the weight of the Russian lash is lower than that of the classic, this means that again there is no damage to the natural lash.

Hybrid lashes

Elite9 Bespoke Beauty offer the ever popular Hybrid lash which has been  driven by celebrities such as the Kardashians who seek a combination of the definition provided by classic lashes with the volume of Russian Lashes. Hybrid lashes is the biggest buzz word in the lash tech world right now. Hybrid lashes represent the best of both worlds with a more natural, ‘messier’ look achieved that is less uniform more like how natural lashes grow.
Achieved by applying a 50/50 mix of 1 to 1 classic lashes and hand-made fanned, volume lashes (NOT cluster lashes with the bulbs which can be bad for natural lashes). These are applied so that a classic lash is used either side to sandwich around one to two volume fans, repeated over and over until 60-90% of all natural lashes are extended (dependent on look required). 


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